All about me 

Hi, I’m Hannah. I’m a graphic designer who believes good design is produced through listening, communicating and collaborating. I am an emotive, passionate and curious person which helps me to design successful visual outcomes. I became a designer because I love to work through a problem but above all I like to meet the people behind the business and hear their story.

For over ten years I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with amazing clients—creating visual identities for established brands, designing campaigns, art directing photoshoots and so much more.  I have learned to design in a way that creates the optimum experience for the consumer and have a particular passion for digital brand strategy and design.

When I’m not designing on the Mac, you'll find me on my yoga mat. Always looking for inspiration, I became a part-time yoga teacher to explore my creativity a little differently. I love to teach and hope to inspire those who need support. If you need support for your brand and like what I do, don't be shy. Lets collaborate.

I have experience in brand design, strategy and communications for the world’s leading retailers and consumer brands.